Kittens, Internships, and hubby’s

I have not written in so long! I can’t help but walk down the street and think, “Oh, that would be a great topic to write about!” but when I get home distractions get the best of me. 

One exciting thing is that we got a kitten this Thanksgiving Monday. His name is Stanley he is orange/apricot in color and is only three months old. There is nothing more rewarding than adopting a pet in need. This will be our first pet. It has brought out our parenting styles. I tend to let the kitten do whatever he wants, as long as its not climbing on the curtains, and hubby gets all “no, No, NO!” as soon as he gets home from work. Its hilarious. 

Stanley’s picture was printed in People’s magazine. He is famous, because of a tweet of mine. It makes me laugh. There’s so many people who try and get into the magazine and the first in the family to get in, is not hubby or me, but Stanley the cat.

In other news my internship with the up and coming company is going well. My job basically consists of editing interviews. I transcribe the audio interview into written format, in a cohesive manner so that viewers of the site will be able to read the interviews without problems. Yesterday, I got to go on my first ever interview. We interviewed two people from Tiff. It was so much fun! Such inspirational stories into how you get into a glamour job which is extremely competitive. The key that both said was to work hard. People graduate expecting their dream job to fall into their laps. It doesn’t work that way you have to be willing to work and work and work. You have to be willing to have a lot of unpaid internships or volunteer positions. It was inspirational. I can totally relate to being one of those people who expect everything to fall into their laps. 

The weather has been gloomy then really hot. Its been a strange fall in Toronto. 

Hubby brought me some dyed sunflowers yesterday. Their beautiful. They look like their on fire!

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