Close to a month

It has been almost a month since my last post. Talk about ineffective blogging. Everything has kind of been up in the air recently. Things are fantastic.

My internship is great! I’m having a lot of fun and getting to explore different career markets I had previously never considered. Marketing and advertising are hard, but fun and challenging at the same time. It is fun being able to bounce ideas off other people and get creative feedback.¬†

Stanley is getting bigger, he was just under three pounds a few weeks ago when we took him to the vet. Which I’m hoping is a normal weight for a kitten over four months. I can’t shake this feeling that the vet is trying to rip us off every chance she gets. Like she asks for a stool sample and you say…”A stool sample? I don’t even get those!” It just seems like a waste. We recently discovered¬†flushable litter for the cat. Which is fantastic you scoop it out and into the toilet which is great for odors inside the house.¬†

Remembrance day is coming up. We’re planning something fun for that day. Also, got tickets to see the show Steven and Chris at CBC for Wednesday! We get to be part of a studio audience! And by we I mean hubby and I! Yay for awesomeness this week and next!

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